Construction Coordination & Logistics

Construction Coordination & Logistics

Project coordination teams provide a full range of services from project planning, construction and execution; to coordination of procurement; logistics on location to resourcing.

Our extensive technical experience in conventional, unconventional and mature plays can help you tackle your biggest development challenges.

We work in a scalable fashion that can encompass our entire assets, while supplementing your existing crew or managing the entire project.

By integrating Health, Safety and Environment (HSE} core values into all business activities, our coordination Management teams strive to proactively meet regulatory requirements while mitigating risks associated with lower operating costs.

We leverage TEC’s domestic network of management professionals, many with over decades of experience in Iraq, to help you manage project costs and optimize operations. TEC Project coordination Management delivers total solutions that focus on helping to reduce operating costs, and overcome challenges.


  • Plan and initiate all field activities relating to, but not limited to, survey, logistics, construction
  • Provide detailed cost estimates for client and budgeting purposes
  • Organize and hire services for field activities
  • Review and submit regulatory applications
  • Ensure all field operations are in compliance with regulatory and company policies
  • Review and approve all expenditures within responsible scope of work


  • Daily Reports on Construction Logistics
  • Works closely with each Business Unit and the construction and engineering Team to ensure all logistic requirements are anticipated for effective building operations
  • Coordinate field liaison for the purposes of consultation with clients or Government agencies
  • Provide interaction with field operations and site supervisors


  • Facilitate development planning by providing terrain/topography assessment, office based cost estimates, contingency plans and knowledge of current rates and techniques for construction
  • Responsible for ensuring that projects are carried out in an orderly and efficient manner
  • Ensure regulatory compliance are met with respect to field operations
  • Provide day-to-day liaison between field activities and technical team, subcontractors and clients to maximize work program efficiencies


  • All Team leaders have 2 – 5 years Project Management experience, intimate knowledge of good construction practices
  • Detailed understanding of Iraqi regulations and construction codes
  • Technologist/Engineer/Specialized design equipment
  • Are Team players
  • Good personnel skills / English and Arabic
  • TEC team work well in a deadline driven atmosphere