Concrete Bored Piles

TEC with a range of high performance all terrain drilling equipment, has the capability to meet the demanding range of engineered foundation designs required by structures for the geology of the Basra region.

Combined with the presence of a high water table, poor soil bearing capacities and increased construction requirements in close proximity to existing structures, TEC’s capability to execute bored reinforced concrete pile construction in a range of diameters from 0.6 metre up to 2.0 metres, and pile depths of up to 45 metres deep, will, depending upon design loads and soil parameters, satisfy almost all required engineered foundation design criteria.

TEC is equipped with the capacity for the preparation and handling of Bentonite Mud drilling fluid, and the complete set up of dedicated support equipment including basic field laboratory, for bored reinforced concrete pile construction.

TEC has the capacity to excute bored reinforced concrete piles by using the following equipments :

  1. using CFA ( continouis flight augar )
  2. using drilling machines with buckets
  3. using just drilling augars with different diameters
  4. using temporary steel pipe casing or permerant casing by using the hydraulick vibro machines

TEC has the capacity to provide design engineered Bored Concrete Pile foundation solutions to meet the Consultants overall structures requirements of the project.