Precast Concrete Piles

Precast Concrete Piles

TEC at its Basra Facility, produces a range of standard cross-sectional sized precast concrete piles:

  • P28:        285mm x 285mm
  • P35:        350mm x 350mm
  • P40:        400mm x 400mm

Pile lengths are variable and along with the designed structural performance criteria for the pile, are produced to suit the engineered design requirements of the final installation as required.

TEC piles may be used for most types of structures and a wide range of foundation conditions, from housing through to commercial and industrial buildings; as well as civil engineering applications from bridges to embankment support, power and transmission towers and railway related structures.

TEC Pre-cast Concrete Piles are quick to install; and can be very cost-effective in suitable ground conditions. A precast pile is environmentally attractive as no spoil or waste is generated from pile installation.