Our History

Mr. Adel Z. Nema
B.Eng. (Civil)
Managing Director

The owner Adel Z. Nema graduated from Basra University in 1990. In 1992 due to the difficult work environment in Iraq, left Iraq and went and worked in South-East Asia for 5 years, and then to Sydney Australia where he established his own construction company. In 2004 he returned to Dubai, working as a Contractor while monitoring the stability situation in Iraq.

Al-Taher Engineering & Construction Company (TEC) origins go back to 2005 when, after the declaration that ended the 2003 War in Iraq, Adel Z. Nema decided to return to his home country and with the years of knowledge and experience gained whilst overseas, harness this to work to help rebuild Iraq.

Today Al-Taher Engineering & Construction Company (TEC) is growing and developing those principles and experiences, with a style of management that is based on mutual trust with clients, smooth communication between locations and departments of the Group which enhances its regional domestic aspiration. The Al-Taher Engineering & Construction Company (TEC) is committed to the adoption of new construction technology to improve efficiency, provide more rapid execution while ensuring high quality performance for the customer’s project.