1) What services does TEC provide?

We provide the following services.

  1. Ready mix concrete supply and placement
  2. Pre cast concrete foundation piles production and installation
  3. Pre cast pre- tensioned or post-tensioned Bridge Beam and Girder manufacture and installation  Precast concrete panel and customized element manufacture
  4. Pre cast concrete T-walls
  5. Pre cast concrete barriers
  6. Pre cast concrete bunckers
  7. Pre cast concrete foundations with pedistals
  8. Pre cast concrete manholes
  9. supply and installation of steel sheet piles by using hydraulick vibros
  10. Structural Engineering
  11. Structural Steel Detailing
  12. Rebar Detailing
  13. Material surveying
  14. Virtual Project Management
  15. Non Destructive Testing
  16. Concrete mix design, manufacture and placement

2) What are the qualifications of your employees?

All our engineers hold a minimum bachelor of engineering degree. Senior engineers have a minimum of 20 years working experience or hold a master’s degree in engineering. Draughtsmen hold diplomas in technical drawing course.

3) Which drafting & detailing software do you use?

  • Architectural or Engineering drafting in 2D & 3D: AutoCAD or equivalent
  • Structural steel shop drawings: Tekla Xsteel, StruCAD
  • Rebar detailing: RebarCAD, CADS RC

If you want us to use your software package instead of what we use, we can do that.

4) Will you be able to design as per our building codes?

TEC are conversant with Local Municipality Regulations & Codes; major International Building Codes; with knowledge and proficiency in most consultant specifications and design requirements.

5) Will outsourcing to TEC help me cut costs?

Yes, when you outsource work to us, you can be sure of reducing your costs without compromising on quality. We are able to work with a well qualified team on much lower costs. We use efficient work processes to reduce cost of each project, giving a much higher value to the client for each dollar spent. Our pricing models are modified to best suit individual client requirements.

6) How do I start my project?

You can tell us about your requirements by filling out the ’Contact Us’ form on our website or by sending an email to info@altaherec.com

We will get back to you within 24 hrs with a proposal or requesting clarifications. After you accept and sign the proposal, we would start your project within 1-5 working days.

9) How do I communicate with you on a regular basis?

We communicate through emails, Skype, phone calls; whatever suits you best to keep in touch with us. We also adjust our work hours to be able to communicate with the client during their regular working hours.

One of our regular clients says:
“I have found Al-Taher (TEC) easy to work with, responsive, accurate and intelligent. Communications are great!”

10) How can I monitor the progress of my work?

Depending upon the size of the project, we send (in progress) set of drawings and/or calculations to the client at regular intervals. This will help you keep a track on the progress of the work.

Moreover you can send comments & suggestions on the completed portion of the work so that we can incorporate them during the course of the project itself.