Iraqi Development

Iraq as a country has been neglected and devoid of normal growth and development for more than 30 years. Historically, Iraq and the Iraqi people are some of the most competent and learned cultures and have a proud heritage that is founded on the roots of the ‘Dawn of Civilisation’.

Through the most unfortunate recent past, Iraq’s infrastructure and the basic building stock of community through to residential and industrial and related needs has stalled in development, maintenance, and worst of all; has been over the last more than three decades been ravaged by the process of war and related conflicts.

Maintenance of basic Defence through to demilitarization has occurred. Fundamental needs now are the basics of energy infrastructure provision and management, housing and living needs through to provision of environmental services.

Al-Taher Engineering & Construction Company (TEC) has capabilities and the experience that can participate and contribute to the creation of solutions for these Basra needs. TEC’s Business Departments cover a wide range of activities.